Previous Projects


Christmas Album for Weisser Ring 2020 – As this CD was such a success in 2019 I was asked to make another one. This included modern and innovative arrangements of Christmas Carols. I worked closely with vocalists Cosima Baumer and Svenja Has.

Smashtrax – This library company licenses music to prestigious clients including Disney and Paramount. A number of my compositions were selected to feature in their latest release.

Void Sphere – My music was selected to feature as the main theme in this space-themed mobile game. (Awaiting release in August.)

Happy Thoughts – A short film about the corona virus by talented director, Jordan Farrell.

Various Short Films – I have collaborated with artist and director Sarah Georgieva on her experimental shorts.


Die Entdeckung der Fliehkraft – Kai Weyand. I composed a suite of jazzy and sentimetnal solo piano compositions for this audiobook.



Der Trost runder Dinge – Clemens J. Setz. *Nominated for German Critics’ Prize and German Audiobook Award*. For this collection of strange short stories, I composed more than 20 compositions to fit the narrative. They classical styles with modern electronic sound design.

Christmas Album for Weisser Ring 2019 – This included modern arrangements of Christmas carols. I also orchestrated accompaniments for the Montanara Choir. During this project I worked with two vocalists, Aoife O’ Brien and Svenja Hass.

Ist das Leben nicht schön? – Philip van Doren Stern. I arranged Christmas carols in international and modern styles. These ranged from Scottish to Indian. I also orchestrated accompaniments for the Montanara Choir.

Various Short Films – A number of times, I have collaborated with Jordan Farrell, a talented director studying film at an established London university. The works range from comedic shorts to an ambitious musical.



Wortmaler – Robert Walser, Peter Dreher. I composed a suite of original compositions and soundalikes to highlight memories and add emotional impact.



Video-game Music (Unity)

  • Horror Music – This package includes 20 video-game compositions. The free version (Horror Music Lite) is downloaded around 50 times every month. 2019

  • Piano Music – A set of piano solo compositions. The package consists of ten 12 compositions that I give away for free. They form a mood library and have been downloaded by over a thousand users. 2019
  • Cinematic Strings – A suite of compositions for strings evoking a range of emotions and scenes. 2020
  • Piano Solo Deluxe – 22 compositions for solo piano. The style ranges from beautiful, fragile compositions to full-blown moments of ecstasy. 2020

To hear examples of the works click here

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